Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christy Canyon The Woman in Pink 1984

Starring: Christy Canyon, Stacey Donovan, Jessica Wylde, Guido Martoni, Peter Pole, Mr. Black, Donna Deriere, Heather Wayne, Dolly Ime, Steve Drake, Jessica Longe, Marc Wallice, Tom Byron. 
"In this titillating take-off on the mainstream hit 'The Woman in Red,' Tom Byron plays a guy celebrating his 30th birthday with a couple of chums. While they try and get him in on their girl-groping fun, Tom insists on staying true to his luscious wife Christy Canyon. Until, that is, he spies a shapely and mysterious woman in pink. Tom falls instantly in lust, but just who is this delectable damsel, anyway? While his buddies spend their time watching sex shows, Tom tries to track down the pink-clad woman of his dreams. The action builds to a shattering and surprising finale that brings everything together. Filled with gorgeous 80s starlets, this one is a real treat for fans of plot-driven potboilers!"  (VHS BOX ART SHOWN)

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